# Nakshatra Gayatri Mantra Beeja Mantra Tamil English
1 Ashwini - The Horse Goddess

Om happy happy happiness Home Selfie selfie joyfulness
Roam Rome round surround
Loan ground grant around

Sath beneath thy theory
Chtith before thy practice
Aanand resultth thy clarity
satchithanandam in thy purity

Healing vibrateth in thy Hands
Sealing mirrorth in thy face
Hailing Divine down the feet
Sailing doubleth sowing route!

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Aswinaa Tejasa Chakshyuh Pranena Saraswati,
Veeryam Vachendro BalendrayaDadurindriyum
Om Aswinikumarabhyam Namah
2 Bharani - The River of Souls

One in crore classic in choir
Won in core know how fair
Run in shore of seaside wise
Fun in more of words advice

King style ripes on its own
Sing style sows in thy brown
Divine style deals in thy action
Oh wine style Success story faction

Ego exits ever unasked
Maaya blinks over prepaid
Karma thinks atonce prefixed
All three at thy action premixed

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Yamaya Twa Makhaya Twa Suryasya Twa
Tapase Devastwa Savita Madhwa Navatu
Prithivya Samsprisspahi Archirasi Souchirasi Taposi
Om Yamaya Namah
3 Krittika - The Star of Fire

Sin or bun confession gun
Win or bin conclusion den
Thanksgiving star in a month
Banks getting remedies quint

Philosophies always in thou
Philanthropies oftentimes bow
Physiologists estimateth low
Psychologists usually fall in row

Faultless finishing to Society
Fearless criticisms to variety
Flawless filters to maturity
Fry less dinners to divinity

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Agnirmurdha Divaha Kakutpatih Prithvya Ayam
Apam Retamsi Jinvati
Om Agnaye Namah
4 Rohini - The Red Goddess

Plymouth's play in placement
Pray mouth getting settlement
Paving bays win payments
Savings seers enlightenment

Wonder friendship with tiny tots
Thunder stormfight with bigboss
Slender flute waves inside mass
Gender darsan dealth with fuse

Secret treatment sole charanam
Chariot arrangements to -sneham
Parrot power plants all havanam
Tarot cards offering instant sravanam

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Brahmayagyanam Prathamam Purustadwisimatah Surucho Vena Aavah
Subudhnaya Upama Asyavistha Satasra Yonimastasravina
Om Brahmane Namah
5 Mrigashira - The Star of Searching

Introduce be thy fashion of days
Produce be thy passions of bay
Induce be thy mansion of gay
Seduces be thy pension of May

Gifted Thou in all shirts of worth
Shifted Thou in every home work
Lifted Thy near n dearth win
Drifted thyme word power bin

Hardwork be Thy uniform schedule
Hard a wave be thy performth module
Hardaway insists that reformth capsule
However power that informth God's pool

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Imam Deva Asapatnam Suvadhwam Mahate
Kshetraya Mahate Jyesthyaya Mahate Janarajyayendrasyendriyaya |
Imamamusya Putramamusyai Putramabhya Visha Easha Voami Raja
Somoasmakam Brahmananaam raja
Om Chandramase Namah
6 Ardra - The Tear Drop

Vedic theories in all at thy disposal
Vegan practicals are at thy proposal
Vendors delivery be at thy Success
Mentors discharge be at thy recharge

Thy fans favour stress free travel
Thy tools for our strong fold trails
Thy eyes ferment seedful trees
Thy nose function ageless teasers

Contentment be thy near goal
Compartment be thy seer soul
Confinement be thy far forest
Concealment be thy near harvest

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Namaste Rudramanyava Utota Isave Namah
Bahubhyamuta – te Namah
Om Rudraya namah
7 Punarvasu - The Light Bringer

Dual role driveth ding dong bell
Duet role giveth sing song well
Diction role bringth binbun oven
Fiction pole ringth funwin nation

Personal be pervasive in karmic life
Publicity be perused in musical file
Personality be hospitality at mutts
Fellowships be mobility of buts

Equality felt with rich or poor
Fraternity dealt with color or cast
Eternity made with far n near
Enlighten eased with rum or ram

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Aditidhyomaditirantarikshamditirmata Sa Pita Sa Putra
Visvedeva Aditihih Panchajana Aditirjatamditirjanitwam
Om Aditaye Namah
8 Pushya - Nourishment

Enlightenth eighteen to eight souls
Innerlight temple to tempo souls
Outerlight palatial to fighting souls
Shortened lightning to tightening souls

Research oriented word thought deeds
Registering originals simple sample seeds
Retold traditionals trendout weeds
Remake Successful landmark Sounds

Divine Great graceful light
Dive in Great wellness light
Drive in Greater heights of light
Found in Greatest thoughts of light

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Brihaspati AtiYadaryo Arhadyumaddwibhati Ritumajjaneshu
Yaddwidayacchavasa Ritaprajata Tadasmasu Dravinam Dhehi Chitram
Om Brihaspatayr Namah
9 Ashlesha - The Coiled Serpent

Dominance admin Divine dweller
Prominence admired ever dealer
Eminence adored heroic vendor
Elegance easy especially escort

Kingdom n kindness be permanent star
Wisdom n moksha be perpetual bar
Boredom n doordom be nullified in car
Seldom n rarely missing awards of war

Praise the lord is old but I'm gold
Inshallah is bold but I'm glad
Krishna maaya is told but I'm sealed
Buddha karma is mild but I'm wild

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Namostu Sarpebhyo Ye Ke Cha Prithivimanu Ye
Antarikshe Ye Dirti Tebhyah Sarpebhyo Namah
Om Sarpebhyo Namah
10 Magha - The Forefathers

Magical spinach màketh thy words
Logical tree giveth thy deeds
Miracle finearts mixth thy mind
Musical divinity counts thy soul

Thou traditional dynasty be bliss
Bowed talented energy before miss
Rowed tactics lethargy down Kiss
Mopped services levelth on a buzz

Art is long often glitters Broadway
Heart of mother always shower Breadway
Part heard rarely gossip cover Bruce way
Mart nMall seldom mingle tower British way

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Pitribhah Swadhayibhyah Swadha Namah
Mitamahebhyah Swadha Namah
Prapitamahebhyah Swadhayibhyah swadha Namah Akshannopitaromimadananta
Pitaroatitripantapitarah Pitarah Sundadhwam
Om Pitribhyo Namah
11 Purva Phalguni - The World Tree Goddess

Strange are the desires thou feel
Strong are thy delights thou reel
Stout be thy target to heal
Scout be thy rules to role

Flowering be thy life to inland
Towering be thy make to Garland
Nearing be thy soul to Divine
Cheering thy nonstop hotwine

Shareless milk welcome thy stay
Fearless friendship spreads thy may
Priceless love paving souls way
Careless crafting awareness ray

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Bhagapranetarbhagasatya Radho Bhage Mam
Dhiyamudvadadannah Bhagapranojanago GobhiraswairBhagapranribhinrirvatesyam
Om Bhagaya Namh
12 Uttara Phalguni - The Marriage Goddess

If music be the food of love
Give me atonce excess of this
If viswam be thy target of serve
Use me oftentimes extra of it

Disposal be thy perform media
Dispense be thy uniform idea
Dismissal be thy prejudice phobia
Discharge be thy sinedie ratio

Registrations ringth like an elephant
Regressions bringth like a tiger
Exhibitions supplyth like a crane
Experience Expressth like a swan

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Devyavadhwaryu Aagatam Rathena Suryatwacha
Madhwa Yagyam Samanjathe Tam Pratnaya Yam Venaschitram
Om Aryamane Namah
13 Hasta - Skilled Activities

Strictly justice dealt as discipline
Sweetly justin loved as rosaline
Strongly ground cleaned as drumline
Stealthily showered hifive helpline

Each of the five elements on four
Catch of the Selfie energy on more
Match of thy hands never into sour
Batch of the cards ever into c'lore

Spinster speed màketh a heroine
Youngster steps walkth a Lara's inn
Buster brands works out a new hymn
Master words minty mounts huge rhyme

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Vibhradbahatpibatu Soumyam Madvaryudadhadhyagyapatavavirhatam
Vatajuto Yo Abhirakshatitmana Prajah Puposha Purudha Virajati
Om Savitre Namah
14 Chitra - The Jewel

Grand be thy performance bill
Great art thy influence grill
Grace be thy eminence hill
Grapes be thy lookout fill

Observations be ever thy motion
Reservations be never thy notion
Conservations be server thy lotion
Preservations be fervour thy ration

Purity be the cause of thy nature
Clarity be the cause of thy future
Maturity be the manner of thy forwardness
Calamity be the negativity in toward ness

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om twastaturoyo Adbhuta Indragni Pustivardhana
Dwipada – chchand Indrayamakshagonuavimodadhu
Om Vishwakarmane Namah
15 Swati - The Wind God

Wild imaginative thinking role
Mild interval blinking mole
Child innovative singing soul
Guide generative releasing goal

Changeless attitudes in beauty thine
Range less aptitudes of duty Divine
Careless latitude excites in Shine
Meaningless longitude confusing vines

Looking at thou bigger a Lion
Looking out thou triggers design
Looking into thou tickets of Heaven
Looking between the eyes thy newsign

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Vayou Ye Te Sahasrino rathastebhiragahinityutwana Soma pitaye Om Vayuve Namah
16 Vishakha - The Moon of Power

Buddha's middle paths thy star
Rudra's musical vowels thy store
Muruga's marketing looks thy bar
Maruga's welcome knocks thy car

Something special strikes on me
Sometimes facials seemth on key
Anything wisdom winding on Lee
Anytime eighth gatehouse with my bee

My starship experience a difference
My warship exposes that occurrence
My friendship explains Noloss appearance
My worship Express hatrick of assurances

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om namo Mitrasya Varunasya chakshase
Mahadevaya tadritam saparyatam duradrimse
Devajataya ketave dovasputraya Suryaya samsata
Om Mitraya Namah
17 Anuradha - The moon of Friendship

Mer cih awa global France
Merry Christmas in my Rome
Marry Marry my fair lady
Carry homeschool classic candy

Selfie friendship happy days
Selfless lover joyful stays
Seldom thinking global gay
Kingdom kling kling Krishna guy

Anuradha heard n cared
Sacred rights for approval
Naked thoughts of nakshatra
Soaked in songs halo-flute

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om namo Mitrasya Varunasya chakshase
Mahadevaya tadritam saparyatam duradrimse
Devajataya ketave dovasputraya Suryaya samsata
Om Mitraya Namah
18 Jyeshtha - The Wisdom Crone

Redfort clear kingdom Thine
Redknapp near wisdom wine
Redcarpet power ever a hymn
Redalert tower over in a rhyme

Visiting card Thy enlightenment
Wellness card Thy entertainment
Wedding card Thy engagement
Vizha card Thyme management

Qualifying until Thou be peak in
Simplifying into Thou be seeking
Multiplying of Thou be in meek
Nullifying in case of Thou be piece

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om trataramindramavitaramindram have have suhavam suramindram
Hayami sakram puruhitamindram swasthi no madhava dhatwindrah
Om Indraya Namah
19 Mula - The Root of All Things

Strong be thou in case of venture
Wrong be thou front of puncture
Throng be thou in lieu of desire
Song be thou on line with GESTURES

Unseen by any efforts of height
Undone by any attempts of might
Unasked be thy demands for heaven
Unskilled be any remaands of death

Peaceful pirate @ sea joints
Peace less pearls @ see jewels
Painful remote, @ says quarrels
Painless balm @ hotwaters

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Mateva Putra Prithvi purishyamagni sweyonavabharukha tam vishva
ritubhih samvadanaprajapatirvishvakarma vimunchatu
Om Nirttaye Namah
20 Purva Ashadha - The Moon of Early Victory

Yearly yawns nearing Incidents
Early pawns erasing accidents
Curly turns Adding feathers
Merely burns melting hurdles

Lovlessness seemth thy congregation
Lovedones taketh thy concessions
Carefulness shareth thy happiness
Sharefulness leadth us onefullness

Helping hands be thy recurring job
Guiding feet be thy moving mob
Showering eyes be thy blessings fine
Showing colors be thy glowing fire

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Abadhamapakilvisampakrityamaporapah
Apamargatwamsmadashaduh Swapyam suva
Om Adrabhyo Namah
21 Uttara Ashadha - The Moon of Later Victory

Short n sweet thy bread n butter
Fruit n juice thy lead n guard
Great n God thy scale n scroll
Gift n shift thy rules n reals

Senior than sun gaining kingdom
Samadhi than siddha reaching Wisdom
Smaller than small becoming Virat

Sanathana Success join thy choir
Santhi Divine service desire thy Four
Swasthik n profile always changeless core
Books n works purpose together doors

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
On Vishvedevah Srinutemam havam ye me
Antarikshaya upashyavistha ye agnijihwa utawa yajatra
Asadhyasmin yagye varhishe madaysdhwam
Om Vishwedevebhyo Namah
22 Shravana - The moon of Listening

People power in PRAYER final
Goddess power in sprayer tidal
Animal power in Darwin's total
Lovers power in union vaginal

Van carrier of sins of ablaze
Fan barrier of births atonce
Man warrior deals in demerits
Can chariot cummings travel

Instant access of Inshallah
Immediate support of Successallah
Insha Krishna secret formula
Immigrant image in heaven la

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Vushnou raratamasi Vishnnouh snapvestho
Vishnouh syurasi Vishnourdhuvoasi Vaishnavamas Vaishnave twam
Om Vishnave Namah
23 Danishtha - The Drummer

Revolving Selfie eight be blessings
Evolving dialogue deals of all bliss
Resolving seven in vow of dressings
Absolving balance sheets of shortcomings

Trysum trivial arguments array
Triangle total arrangement xray
Drying deeksha alliance air ways
Frying Divine power of bliss ways

Seven solutions maketh a man
Heaven alightment done in a tan
Eleven people power of a band
Provenright now success on land

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Vasou pavitramasi satadharam Vasouh Pavitramasi sahasradharam
Devastwa Savita punatu Vasouh pavitrena sastadharane supwa kamamadhuksha
Om Vaubhyo namah
Om namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
24 Shatabhisam - The Divine Healer

Heart heals a lot hundreds
Fort heads a slot hundreds
Pushcart breeds a naught hundreds
Bushcoat warms a darsan hundreds

Candid trade of global union
Grandee fans of Time onion
Brandi band of weeds in no one
Sandy's mother owes all by-hen

Wealthy sun winding outputs
Wellness sun wishing inputs
Warming sun steaming gheeputs
We feel Success gathered bee puts

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Varunasyottambhnamasi Varunasya
Skambhasarjanistho Varunasya ritasadanamasi Varunasya ritasadanamasida
Om Varunaya Namah
25 Purva Bhadrapada - The Fire Dragon

Miracle uncle meets the issue
Jungle uncle greeting third eye
Pinnacle uncle guiding feel eyes
Battle uncle grating film eyes

Superwheel Thou hints nine heros
Soonerseal Thou winks nine gates
Superworld Thou points nine dames
Uberpool Thou triggers ninty Starz

Trinity mirror online always
Unity mission winline highlights
Amity ashram Aathma highways
Sultry kidding fans the devotees

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Shiva namasi swadhitiste pita Namaste astu mama himsih
Nivartayamyayusheannadhyaya prajannaya
Rayasposhaya suprajastwaya suviryaya
Om Ajaikapade namah
26 Uttara Bhadrapada - The Dragon of the Deep

Foreground review one into nine
Background reading won online
Homaguntam setting born sign in
Homebound spreading share in

Cosmic palace made up of 1000 petals
Current heavens healing of 1000 herbs
Karmic blessing power of 1000 Yagnas
Turmeric turns compounds 1000 joys

Exhibitions join Newmoon joys
Prohibitions foil Fullmoon friends
Experts falling in interest routine
Inbound services on landing routes

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om utanoAhirbudhanyah srinotwaja ekapatprithivi samudrah
Vishvedeva ritavadhinahuvanah stuta mantra kavisasta avantu
Om Ahirbudhanyaya Namah
27 Revathi - The Moon of Splendour

Merit Brain breeds the best
Spirit soul sounds the same
Built records binds the climax
Guilt busting wills the same

Ability be thy perform human
Utility be thy good form Newman
Facility be thy musical flutes
Mobility be thy classical routes

Confession ordained unasked for Thou
Confusion adjourned on demand for Thou
Congrats allowing wisdom for Thou
Comments alluring mission for Thou.

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"
Om Pushanatawatrate vayam rishyem kadachana stotarasta ehasmasi Om Pushane namah
28 Abijith - Siddhan

Special nature of each starship
Sterile rapture of catch carhart
Medal mature of punch star work
Pedal tenure of poles barstool

Mind be thy master of mingling
Wind be thy castor of blinking
Kind be thy karma of ruling
Signed be thy surity of Success

Praising the lord from thy birth
Raising the hand for thy berth
Spraying the bliss for thy marks
Straying the task for thy forks

"Om sivaayame Namasivayame
Triambakaayame Saidevaaya Om"