Over 40 years’ experience in the Educational society, Spiritual divine society, Social awareness creator, Predictor by stars with enlightenment. Conducted 5 International Motivational speech in SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, HONGKNOG,SWITZERLAND & France,about enlightmnet of stars and spiritual divne society. Successfully completed the Head Master and in educational scoiety, Mentored for several thousands of Engineers and Doctors etc., Soul-Searching –Spirit Trend setters. Beejaksharas meditatio therapy of Selfie cleanliness. Treasurer of SRI SAI BABA TEMPLE AND CHARITABLE TRUST. Jhohumm makes you the exercise of breathing inhaling and exhaling with the ratio of 1: 4 so call I:E RATIO calling ourself for the pronouncing the Jhohumm as a one breath of inhaling JHO , exhaling the 4 breath as HUMM.BREATH exercise, with SOUL-SPIRIT-SEARCHING TREND SETTING.


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